Blue Ramekin
Blue Ramekin

Blue Ramekin

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Set of two Blue Ramekins 3.5x1.75

Pure Beeswax Candles made from local apiary. Hand-poured by myself into curated vessel shown in photo.

Note: there is a crack on the surface of one of the candles because the wax cooled too fast! Will smooth out after first burn!

These are must-haves for me to have on hand to pass on to others as an encouraging sweet gift to friends and neighbors.

So many benefits of Beewax Candle. 
-Naturally cleans/removed toxins from the air. Other candle waxes and scented candles release toxins into the air. In contrast, burning beeswax, the only non-man made wax, releases negative ions that negate the positive charge of air contaminates such as dust, pollen, dirt and other air pollutants.

-Beeswax releases negative ions which increases serotonin, reducing stress. 

-beeswax has a higher burning point so it has a longer  burning time than other waxes.

- Zero chemical compounds. Rest assured you’re not breathing any harmful chemicals.

-Soot free!




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