Cutest Acorn Bell Ornaments

Cutest Acorn Bell Ornaments

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 Acorn Bell Ornaments with Soft Sage Velvet Ribbon

Set of 3

The power of a seed is one of my favorite things to think on. When we sow seeds, they do not produce a harvest overnight. They don't even sprout over night. Under the soil the roots are growing, though you cant see it with your eyes. If you continue to water it, the roots will dig deeper and the plant grow stronger eventually coming to sprout out of the ground. It takes even more time for the plant to grow and produce leaves and later produce fruit. You never quite know the potential of the seed unless you give it the water and care it needs. Keep sowing your seeds and don't give up! Whats that silly saying? "The Mighty Oak is just a nut that stood its ground." I hope this encourages you!

Handful of sets available.

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